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The art of Knowing

I can see and hear that Many people around the planet are wondering whether any of these long promised positive changes are going to ever happen on the planet, well I can assure everyone they will happen. Tune into your inner knowing and let go of all doubts, fears, frustrations and learn to know the truth instead of believing anything. Intelligent conscious individuals including galactic humans that never believe anything they are always seeking to know for themselves instead believing this or that. I don't believe in anything you either know or you don't know. Believing means you don't know so you assume many things blindly and that is very limiting and detrimental learn to investigate internally everything . Blind believing has been one of the main cause of suffering and Negativity on the planet if you want to be a wise and free individual you need to learn the art of knowing. Yes all this changes everyone has heard about since many years are finally going to manifest. I can assure everyone on the planet that we are not talking in years anymore but days and months before big changes becomes visible. Stay present everyone and know deep in your soul that amazing things are very close indeed let go of all doubts fears, frustrations, anger, resentment etc and tune into your soul inner knowing then you will have no doubts and fears left in you.

You are safe and well blessed everyone victory of the light is indeed here.


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  3. Well said! Think for yourselves and go outside your comfort zone..thanks for the positive message CA :)

  4. LOVE thyself, heal thyself, KNOW thySELF 👌
    Heal thyself, Heal the World 💚
    Namaste Beautiful Souls 💫
    Victory of the Light 🌠

  5. Hi,

    I am the author of the blog The Event Hub. I would like to provide some general information on how people can cope with the impact of full disclosure and mass arrest. I wonder if we can work together to help to smooth the process.

    Here is an article I wrote before:

  6. When the mass arrests etc happens then you need to listen carefully to your real self because many lightworkers will receive much more direct guidance and suggestions from their higher self and the light forces. Be present and take action from there only then you can help the people around you. The transition will be very smooth so remain alert and calm EVERYONE.Learn to respond instead of reacting to any situation or circumstance.

    1. @FBI COSMIC JUSTICE I'll believe it when I see it. I am not skeptical, just bored and yawning at the incredibly slow pace of things. When I see a new piece of news, I don't get much excitement out of it, because I know this should have already happened years ago.

      Nothing but The Event itself will finally get me excited. Then I can finally tell all my friends "I told you so", and make plans in my life according to the newly shifting paradigm. Not plans on how I am going to live off disability and get Section 8 housing, which is currently what I intend to do, based on current circumstances.

      I believe you, but my mind is also like, come on, get on with the show already. So, careful shmareful. When it happens, I'll be more than ready, believe me.

  7. Is the trials gonna be open to the public?

    1. Yes most will be but it doesn't matter because the public will know everything anyway so nothing will be hidden from the public after the cabal is fully removed from power.

  8. Most of people will get shocked. Most of them do not even know who the Cabal are. And there is the ET Disclosure too.


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