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The Tsunami Wave

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Final Stage cpb**

The Massive Crimes and Lies

The LIES and MASSIVE corruption is being exposed now more than ever and this is just the beginning the BIG stuff is very near and will make everyone dizzy when released to the public.  the deep corruption in government's is reaching the peak and  you are going to see very radical changes worldwide in the political system, financial system etc and evidence of this has started reaching the mass media slowly.The clear signs are everywhere that something NEVER seen before is taking place on the planet. The corrupt US government cannot function anymore there is simply too much lies and crimes inside the government that it is simply collapsing and will not continue on for much longer.In the coming weeks and months you are going to witness many things about the despicable crimes committed against humanity by top level oficials in government and by people behind the scenes.Those are the people who pretended to serve the people and to care about the planet.I will release more detailed in

Divine Time.........

The Unexpected

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