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The year of Liberation/El año de Liberación

2018 will be the year of Liberation the year of the beginning of THE Golden age. Too many things are happening now that you can't even fully grasp. The changes that are happening now have never happened before on this scale and to this degree. This year will be very shocking year for most people when they finally hear the truths about many things and realize that they have been living on a planet full of LIES. There will be an intense reaction of anger, sadness, hate from the public when they hear the TRUTH.That which is to be uncovered is so massive that some people  will go completely crazy and will not be able to handle all the truths. 
The lightworkers all over the planet are meant to be there for most people and shine their bright light and bring clarity and serenity to the masses. Many revelations will be very disturbing even to many lightworkers. Building of a new system shall occur on this planet a system that works for everyone and serves everyone on the planet.
Be prepared for all this now and be the bright light for the people around you in the coming days and months because the lightworkers will be the ones explaining to the masses what's really going on and bring comfort love and JOY. Enormous abundance is waiting to be released in many forms. This has Been indeed a slow process but it was always meant to be a slow and gradual process but now we are in the last and final phases before massive breakthroughs happens on the planet and there will be No more big wars on this planet despite the efforts from the Jesuits to start a new war in Iran and restart war in Syria but all their plans will fail and will not be allowed to escalate so this is the year of the Victory of the Light!

Please be aware of many misinformations on the internet about the mass arrests,disclosure The RV, GCR etc most are just nonsense and false information that is made-up by the cabal to create confusion and fear please use the discernment of the soul and heart to know truths and lies.


  1. Thank You my friend, a great message. It's been a long road, it's good to hear we are nearly at our destination, we are nearly Home. Love and Light be with Us All! The Light is Victorious!

  2. Join us in Germany, could use a lot of translators to spread my information globally. Similar sites and youtube channels for connecting through links all over the world are also welcome. Lets rock the planet. :D

    Please also take a look at the story to this facebook business page. Lets start an international facebook business and support colin turners idea of the open economy. Not familiar with this? Then look here

  3. Yes, like it was 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. We will end this year and we will not have any liberation. Almost January ending and nothing happened

    1. Just watch and get ready for the shock of your lifetime! The unexpected is here!


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